When God Ceases to Be Almighty in Your Mind, You Need to Recognize This as a Serious Problem—Yours, Not His.


Getting in Sync with God

Refer to Step 3: I accepted that the responsibility for getting back on track was mine and no one else’s.

We must never allow anything to injure our relationship with God. If it does get injured, we must take time to put it right.

—Oswald Chambers

Like any relationship of value, time and effort are required to repair your relationship with God when it becomes injured. This may seem obvious; but it isn’t for most. This is because of the pain and hurt associated with religious abuse. Most people simply choose to sweep their relational problems under the rug, including their relationship with God.

Although this may appear to be the path of least resistance, it’s a poor idea. Even worse, it produces many self-defeating behaviors. Ignoring your relational problem with the Lord doesn’t work, and it causes difficulties in nearly every area of life.

Neither does…

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